Food packaging trends are always changing. It gets smarter, more secure, more efficient. And it’s not simply because packaging is the first thing a consumer will see. It’s also because packaging is where a business can actually make a big impact at every level.

The rate of change in this industry has continuously sped up, and we have no reason to think it’ll slow down any time soon.

What can you expect heading into 2018?

2018 Food Packaging Trends

To anticipate where food packaging trends are going, it’s time to take a step back and see where it’s been. 2017 was probably most notable for automation.

Food manufacturers saw an edge in being more efficient, and here are just a few ways they did it in the last year:

-Packing and unpacking saw a significant shift toward robotics. This made the process faster and more consistent.

-Depalletizing was another area that benefited from automation.

-Tertiary packaging has also moved toward automation. As such, back-end processes have been made far more efficient.

As far as exciting new developments, we expect sustainability to become the hottest topic in the food packaging business in 2018.

-Repackage. Recyclable materials will become more common, and they will be more heavily marketed as such. Unparalleled access to online shopping is shaping how consumers shop and manufacturers design and source packaging materials.

-Renavigate. Declining interest in processed products — especially among millennials — is creating a need for innovative product and packaging design that can draw shoppers back to the center aisle.

-Promoted causes are becoming more popular. Food packaging is an excellent place to advertise to consumers that a company is making positive change. We’re already seeing it with locally sourced products, etc. Expect to see packaging that shows what a company is doing to be more sustainable.

-Clean label 2.0. Transparency will continue to play a large role in consumer purchasing decisions in 2018. Balancing product benefits and branding will be a key challenge for companies.

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