How CRISPR Can Change Your Food

If you’ve kept an eye on science news over the past few years, you’ll have seen at least a few headlines about CRISPR, the technology allowing for genome editing and many new scientific advances.

It’s changed the way we look at genetic diseases and traits; predisposition to disease can now be eliminated through science, and it can change the future of thousands. It can also change your food.

How CRISPR Can Change Your Food

CRISPR Creates Smarter Food

CRISPR technology has the capacity to alter food on a genetic level, without any harmful unanticipated effects later on that might affect the genetic line or cause a decline in the quality of the food. Certain traits can be removed, and other traits can be accentuated – it’s already obvious from just this sentence what the potential of CRISPR could be.

The CRISPR Tomato

Think this sounds like science fiction?

CRISPR technology has already been successfully used to alter several plants to be better overall; one example is the so-called “jointless tomato”, which is created to lack the “joint” at the top of the tomato which can create issues with the fruit during picking. With this, plants can also be altered to yield a greater crop – and to yield larger, juicer fruits.

Of course, the same technology can be applied to a lot of other plants, and studies are currently being done to see just what else CRISPR gene editing technology could have to offer the food industry. Among other things, scientists are working on wheat crops that won’t cause a severe allergic reaction with people who are gluten intolerant, mushrooms that don’t bruise as easily in transit and crops that are more resistant to diseases that would normally ruin an entire crop’s worth of food.

Time will have to tell what else CRISPR technology can mean for food, but we can say that it all started with a tomato and a handful of investigating scientists.

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