The kind of packaging used for a product is very important in its promotion and modern consumerism. Usually, prospective customers make decisions whether to buy the product or not by checking the kind of packaging design that has been used for the content. Moreover, if the material used for the packaging of the product is attractive, it could improve the image of the content. Thus, using attractive custom food packaging materials entices buyers and improves sales.

Custom Food Packaging Companies

Custom Food Packaging contractThere are various companies carrying out custom food packaging in the US. The firms differ according to the materials for, and design of the packaging. The application of technology also differs across the companies as they compete for prospective customers.

FORTRESS provides a full line of packaging solutions for our customers including bulk bags, super sacks, any sized multi-wall bags, preformed pouches, retail-size pouches and stick packs. FORTRESS can handle most packaging needs. Our vacuum-sealed, negative-pressure packaging system prevents products from escaping into the air, thereby eliminating excess waste that could negatively impact our customers’ bottom-line savings.

Custom packaging for organic foods is different from conventional packaging

There are many challenges that face the organic food industry. As a developing industry it has to appeal to its target market and offer product differentiation on a larger scale because organic food is different from ‘conventional’ food. It is closer to nature, more sustainable, has a lower carbon footprint and is often preservative and additive free leading to a sometimes lower shelf life. At the same time it has to jostle for space in supermarket shelves among foods that may not be organic, may offer a larger variety at a lower price point.

While custom packaging for organic products may include normal packaging materials like plastic – simply because of the benefits of plastic packaging – some organic food manufacturers opt for eco-friendly packaging and these include:

– Paper
– Glass
– Recyclable plasticBio-degradable or compost-able plastic
– Metal
– Wood
– Cardboard
– Reusable containers
– BPA free containers
– Paper labels where viable
– Eco-friendly inks that are not toxic

In fact organic food packaging often offers creative options and innovations in design and material to companies that market organic foods. Attention grabbing packaging makes news and helps product lines attract the right customers. They offer unique branding opportunities and enhance product differentiation, improving the brand image of the company.

Fortress LLC

Food packaging trends | Packaging Solutions | Food & Powder | Fortress NutritionFortress LLC is a full packaging company. We offer all kinds of custom packaging materials including bottles, containers, boxes, trays, and others for all manner of goods. With an in-house design team we offer the best in creative contract packaging for all foods including organic food companies that gives your product that all important stand-out quality, improving sales.

– Hygienic packaging keeps your products clean and safe.
– Immediate Prep for D2C or Business to Business. Put immediately into inventory and ready-for-sale.
– Ensure your Products are Safe with the finest metal detection and X-ray equipment.
– Vertical Integration at FORTRESS ensures ultimate cost savings.

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