Product Packaging design has a number of different factors to consider. You need to think about how you can communicate the message of the product and the brand of the organization. You need to think about how your items will stand out among others on the shelf. Finally, you need to think about including space for any windows or transparent areas of your packaging that show the type of products.

How Digital is Affecting Product Packaging Aesthetics

Now digital technology has changed the game again. As a result, it has introduced yet more factors and made the whole process more flexible. What’s more, is that the rise of digital has changed the game for the rest of the market too. “Analog” product manufacturers still need to compete with their digital counterparts. Here’s how to stay relevant in the digital age.


Ecommerce has had a few impacts on the way that product packaging is handled. For one, it means that products now pass through even more sets of hands on their way through the supply chain. This makes durability important, so packaging is becoming increasingly solid and durable.

Ecommerce also changes the relationship with the retail product manufacturer. More and more companies now create similar products using sites like Alibaba and then sell through third parties. This means that the online consumer has very little interaction with the company itself!  As a result, branding is more important than ever.

One of the main ways that a company can ensure that its products are memorable, is to make branding a key aspect of the experience. That often means luxurious, beautiful packaging that creates a greater “buyer experience.” In other words, it’s about making products feel special and creating an emotional response in the buyer. Companies have more freedom going about achieving this because products are being stored on shelves less often.

Digital Technology

Digital technology also changes what’s possible when it comes to packaging and designs. It means that companies can now create more vibrant images than ever before. For example, with Print On Demand services, they can create more expensive packaging with lower up-front costs.

Vector art meanwhile allows companies to work their brands into packaging in more flexible and varied ways. The same piece of art can now be seamlessly adjusted while keeping the precise same ratios and color codes!

Keeping Up

So how do you keep up? The key is simply to focus on the things that have always mattered but to double down. That means understanding your mission statement and target audience. Secondly, it means thinking about the packaging as being a part of your buyer’s experience. Lastly, it means thinking about how you can make your brand really stand out.

Now that you have the tools, there is no reason not to turn the act of opening your products, commonly referred to as unboxing, into something that is exciting and memorable. If you can achieve that, then you’ll greatly increase engagement and generate a lot more sales as a result.

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