With the global pandemic came a total surge in eCommerce adoption. And it’s projected to only continue to rise. More and more consumers are purchasing their products online with more than half of all interest users purchasing groceries online in the U.S. With online shopping now becoming the new norm, what does this mean for the future of the digital shelf?

Digital Shelf Impact For Online Shoppers

Let’s take a step back and define the digital shelf simply. Think about the last purchase you made. Did you see it on an ad while you were scrolling through Pinterest? Did an Instagram influencer promote it on their page? Was it the first option of the search results? The digital shelf is similar to a physical store shelf; however, the aisle is evolving and changing constantly.

Also, it’s virtually endless. It can be sold on a retailer’s site, direct-to-consumer sites, mobile shopping apps, a third-party marketplace, social commerce site, or any other eCommerce channel. Other examples that get products purchased are category pages, curated product lists, or product description pages. The digital shelf must rely on content like videos, images, instructions, descriptions, ratings, prices, and reviews. These are compiled and displayed on the retailer’s site to assist the consumer in purchasing.

How the shopping experience has changed

The digital shelf has transformed the entire shopping experience as we know it. In the past, we would simply get in our cars and drive to our local small business and get to browsing. Nowadays, even if we do decide to shop in person, we typically get on our phones and laptops and search for the product first. We compare prices, reviews, and the quality of the product.

The simple act of buying is no longer as straightforward as it once was. The digital shelf is infinite and limitless with more competition than ever, making it harder and harder for those small business shops to stand out. It doesn’t matter how long a brand’s been around as long as their content is of quality.

Why makes the digital shelf important?

The digital shelf is important for brands because it directly impacts profitability and brand reputation. With less than half of consumers ever clicking past the first page of a search result page, the majority of conversion comes from those top results. According to Polestar, over 60% of consumers admit to searching and considering reviews before ever making a purchase. 73% of consumers claim that detailed product content will make them more inclined to purchase the product. In conclusion, retail channels and product content influence more than half of the sales. Basically, the digital shelf has taken over the entire shopping experience.

How brands can improve and benefit from the shelf

In order for a brand to improve and benefit from the digital shelf, there are a few key areas to focus on. Obtaining a large number of positive reviews is one of the most crucial. They can do so by incentivizing customers to leave a review or set up a reminder system. Another way is focusing on the products with the highest growth rates, margins, search volumes, ratings, and profits.

Solidifying your best products will give brands a wonderful foundation that they can rely on before moving on to their lesser-known products. There are also many third-party tools and software that can enhance your strategy. Hiring a professional eCommerce team may help propel your brand to the next level, so don’t be afraid to hire help.

When it comes to the benefits of the digital shelf, there are a few significant ones. The shelf will maximize findability. Meaning if a consumer can’t find it, they obviously can’t buy it. This means making sure the product is listed in the correct category with the right keywords. Pricing intelligently is another crucial factor. DAS, or digital shelf analytics solutions, can make sure this is done correctly. Artificial intelligence is used to analyze and promote automatically. Having a DAS in place will ensure that the changes are made seamlessly and without error.

The future of the digital shelf

In-person purchasing and the digital shelf are now intricately intertwined and research shows that it will only continue to grow, even post-pandemic. Somewhere around 85% of shoppers now rely on digital information in some capacity. With this data, more and more brands are recognizing the sheer importance of the digital shelf.

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