Display Packaging

Display packaging is one of the most important things for your brand when you’re in the business of selling consumer products. Good branding is eye-catching, and great branding is eye-popping – while bad or simply ineffective product branding can actually serve to hurt your overall sales.

Display Packaging Tips to Boost Branding and Sales

Here’s how you can ensure your display packaging boosts your branding and makes your product appealing to customers.

Sales Down? This Could Be Why

If you notice that your product sales are down from last month, or your competitor’s product is flying off of shelves of retail displays while yours is not, the display packaging might have something to do with it. First, start by comparing your product with competing names. In addition, pay special attention to the branding of ones that are doing any better than yours on the market.

It’s Why Re-Branding Works

If your display packaging doesn’t meet your needs, hire the expert help of an advertising agency. They’re the right ones to approach if you would like to re-brand your product’s retail packaging. Also, they can ensure that a new take on old product packaging is as eye-catching as it should be – and it could be what boosts your sales.

Introduce the Packaging

Sometimes it’s not necessary for something as drastic as a whole re-branding. Instead, all you have to do is introduce the current packaging in a way that catches attention. That means creating a new advertising campaign which tells people about the product.  Another idea is to send out free samples of the product so people can let you know what they think.

Boosting Your Sales Practically

People buy visually. Products that look good to consumers tend to do better. Yes, even if it’s just a brighter, fancier label on the box! For sales to be effective, manufacturers and distributors need to be on top of the visual side of things themselves.

Now that you’ve taken a hard look at your display packaging is it time to re-brand or re-introduce?

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