food processing global trends

The food processing industry is currently going through turbulent times, with changing demands, costs, and trends forcing companies that operate within the sector to adapt in order to grow. There are few things more personal than the food we eat, which ensures that numerous forces are acting on the business at all times – ranging from health fads and trends, to socio-economic issues.

Food Processing Global Trends

Here are some of the biggest food processing global trends that are occurring right now.

Conscious Consumerism

One big change that is hitting the food industry at large right now, is a more conscious consumer. That is to say that the average buyer today is far more cognizant of what they eat than they were a decade ago. Not only do customers have opinions when it comes to things like sustainability, but they are also increasingly more aware of health issues, and other moral issues surrounding food.

The most successful products these days are those that can prove they are kind to the environment, their employees, and any animals used in the process.

Ultimately, the best processed foods these days are often those that have undergone minimal actual ‘processing’.


We could likewise point to the rising costs of ingredients and supplies and suggest that this is a dark time for the industry.

But at the same time, innovations and changes are also helping to grow the sector and in many ways help companies to thrive. One key example is automation, with 3D printing now available for food even! The opportunities to drive down manufacturing costs and increase profit margins is huge – and when done correctly this is also more energy efficient and less wasteful.

More Change

There’s lots more change coming too, from the increased interest in refrigeration standards, to growing markets in China and throughout Asia. The companies that stay afloat will be the ones that are able to ride these tides to success.

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