Fulfillment & Logistics

The first truck that your product sees is the one that it’s on as it leaves.

FORTRESS NUTRITION solves many of your product quality and security issues through streamlined logistics. After all, making great products is only half the battle. At FORTRESS NUTRITION, we understand that ensuring a product arrives on time and to the right location is critical to your success.

Fulfillment & Logistics Services Available For All Our Customers

  • Retail

  • Subscription

  • Direct shipping

Our full-service fulfillment and distribution teams are there to arrange timely delivery for

  • Direct-to-consumer

  • Business-to-business

  • Direct-to-retail businesses

  • Retail distribution includes big box retail, home shopping and electronic data interchange (EDI).

  • E-commerce solutions provided for direct response television (DRTV), retail and business-to-business industries. Services include fulfillment, kitting, light assembly, customer contact center and customized reporting analytics.

  • Product fulfillment, order entry and processing protocols ensure correct results. Same-day and 24-hour shipping available. Domestic and international shipping options with user-end email confirmations.

  • Return processing and reverse logistics.

  • Complete Fulfillment Needs allow our clients to spend more time focusing on their core business and brand development, rather than trying to get more orders physically out the door.

  • Centralize fulfillment and securely store materials using our warehouse.

Real estate brokers will tell you that it’s all about “location, location, location.” The same is true when looking for the right fulfillment facilities. Here are four, often overlooked, reasons about why location matters when evaluating a fulfillment center.

Transportation Cost

Both inbound and outbound transportation cost are the #1 reason location matters. Consider where your customer base is located. The closer you are to your customers, the lower your outbound transportation cost. This is often a no-brainer, but the other important consideration is inbound transportation cost.

What might be a good location from a customer standpoint may not be a good location for inbound transportation. Both of these costs should be considered as the savings on one side might be outweighed by increased costs on the other side.

Labor Supply

FORTRESS has a trained, reliable team. We help you avoid the pitfalls of temporary labor. Economic recovery has affected various cities differently. Competing fulfillment centers located in tight labor markets often have trouble filling their workforces during peak times, or if they can, it may be at a premium price. We are a bulwark against this issue.

Availability of Real Estate

Our Fortress has ample space to handle your needs. Just as in the case of labor, many cities are experiencing tight real estate markets. Fulfillment companies located in tight real estate markets may not be able to find seasonal or expansion space at rental rates that allow them to be competitive in the market. You are safe behind our walls.

Local Tax Climate

Strategy is an important part of any defense. Taxes affecting companies who sell direct-to-consumer vary from state to state. Besides the various approaches to online sales from a sales tax perspective, many states and localities still have inventory taxes that must be paid by the online retailer on inventory located at the fulfillment center. For our online retailer clients, FORTRESS will review their business taxes, a service not commonly provided within the industry.

“Fortress helped simply my business and allowed me to focus on business growth. Fortress not only is able to turnkey manufacturer my nutritional products, they are also my warehousing and direct to consumer and retail fulfillment company. The ability to have all these services under one roof allows my team to focus on marketing and sales instead of the day to day operational needs.”

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More than 30 years of experience in sourcing quality ingredients from across the globe


Custom technology meets impeccably clean equipment to create uniform blends


Regardless of the method, our systems work to preserve efficiency and eliminate waste


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