Nothing is more disappointing than receiving a damaged parcel through the post. It’s the sender’s responsibility to make sure the parcel packaging is correct.

Damaged freight should never get in the way of delivering on customer service and making a profit. Since you can’t ride along with your shipment, make sure that you are doing what you can to help prevent damage or loss of your shipment.

Packaging Tips to Avoid Damaged Freight

To avoid unexpected damaged freight returns, merchants must consider the following scenarios when selecting packaging; your package must be able to survive:

  1. Getting dropped
  2. Protect the contents from the vibration of conveyor belts and trucks, which can loosen screws, cause soft material to rub into dust and other wear  and tear
  3. Compression on all sides, from indiscriminate stacking
  4. Potential temperature and humidity changes

Right Packaging Size

Product packaging is the smallest cost segment in the supply chain, comprising less than 10% of each supply chain dollar. Warehousing eats up about 25% and transportation 60%.  It doesn’t make economic sense to scrimp on packaging materials since you’ll pay for it in other areas.

Fabric or cloth bags

Just like packing your item in a brand-new box, you want to avoid using fabric or cloth bags. Despite their attractiveness, they provide also no protection or support to your item even if you pad the bag out with bubble wrap. Use a robust material to avoid leaving your contents at risk. 

Bubble Wrap

No matter how big or small your parcel is, it’s a good idea to pad it out with plenty of bubble wrap to add an extra layer of protection to your items.


Properly sealing all packages seems like common sense, but too often, this is a place where package “open” to damage!

  1. Use pressure sensitive 2” wide tape, this isn’t the place to skimp!!
  2. Distribute tape evenly over flaps Even Steven!!


To make sure your package or freight makes it to the right place at the right time. Shipping Labels should legible and durable and have all of the following:

  1. Shipper Name & Address
  2. Consignee Name & Address & Phone #

Packaging Solutions | Food & Powder | Fortress NutritionFortress Nutrition

FORTRESS provides a full line of packaging solutions for our customers including bulk bags, super sacks, any sized multi-wall bags, preformed pouches, retail-size pouches and stick packs.

We can handle most packaging needs. Our vacuum-sealed, negative-pressure packaging system prevents products from escaping into the air, thereby eliminating excess waste that could negatively impact our customers’ bottom-line savings.

  1. Hygienic packaging keeps your products clean and safe.
  2. Immediate Prep for D2C or Business to Business. Put immediately into inventory and ready-for-sale.
  3. Ensure your Products are Safe with the finest metal detection and X-ray equipment.
  4. Vertical Integration at FORTRESS ensures ultimate cost savings.

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