Personalized Product Packaging

Product packaging is one of the best ways to promote your brand or product. While utilizing it as an effective marketing tool, give customers an opportunity for a custom experience with personalized product packaging. You can recognize famous brands like Coca-Cola by their packaging from a mile away. Accordingly, this is often the same recognition that customers should see when they imagine your brand or product.

How Personal Can You Get with Product Packaging?

Many clever marketing campaigns out there turn product packaging into something more personal. To clarify, this is especially true for some products that are made to order. In addition, personal product packaging for corporate products or other gifts gives a special touch.

Personalized Product Packaging

Here’s just how personal a company can and should get with product packaging in order for it to be an effective marketing technique.

1: Your Name on [Product]

People like seeing their name on things. (Just ask Coca Cola) This is an instinctual urge that goes back to very ancient times. Consequently, this could mean that people might like to see their name on your product. The option to have product packaging personalized with someone’s name at their request can be an additional expense for your business. As a result, it’s not ideal for mass produced products – but it can be great for gifts or once-a-year events.

2: Smaller Branded Corporate Gifts

If you don’t want to go to a huge amount of effort to re-brand products that you already sell, there are other ways to introduce personalization to your branded products. It’s often much easier to create an added gift or voucher to attach to products that are sold – and when it comes to corporate gifts, everything from key chains through to personalized wine bottles can be great for catching attention (depending on what business you’re in.)

3: Print Your Own

If you have the logistics in place to make this possible, you can give customers the option to print their own branded products through your website. This is great for anyone who loves your product and would like to see their own brand or name on the label – but it’s also just as great for people who want to give someone a gift they’ll never forget.

4: Coupons for Online Things

Sometimes product personalization can mean going further than just the actual product. Where you have the ability to create and print coupon codes, you can use these coupon codes to redirect users to your website – where they can either get exclusive access to something or viable discounts. It’s a great way to promote your brand or a product that doesn’t rely on a massive expense to do.

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