food spray drying

Most of us are fairly familiar with the methods used to make the food we eat everyday around the home. We mostly know how to cook, or at least understand the concept on an intellectual level! But when food is prepared and sold en-masse, things look slightly different. This is where we see processes like freeze drying and food spray drying take place.

How Does the Process of Food Spray Drying Work?

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the latter, to help shine a little light on some of the stuff that happens to our grub before we get to eat it!

The Basics

For the uninitiated, food spray drying is a process used in order to transport liquids or soft-textured foodstuffs. Specifically, it turns the liquid into a powder, which can then be restored by applying liquid. This ensures that the substance is better able to travel long distances, and that it will keep for longer without going off – while being less susceptible to changes in temperature.

If you have ever eaten something that says ‘just add water’, then you may have encountered spray drying.

How It Works

A food spray dryer works initially through a process called atomization. That sounds spacey, but it actually just means that the nozzle or rotary atomizer will turn the liquid into small droplets.

These droplets then exit via the atomizer or nozzles, and will then be dried in order to form a portable powder. This is usually done using heated air, which will have used natural gas in order to warm up. Moisture is controlled by carefully selecting the precise temperature.

Finally comes the recovery process. This is when the powder will be recovered from the exhaust gas using a bag filter or cyclone.

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