Product Placement on Shelves

When a product sells extremely well, it is only natural to jump to the conclusion that the product must be of a high quality. It’s selling well because people want it and people who purchase it are happy with it.

But this is only true to an extent. In fact, the quality of the product and how in-demand that item are are only two factors in a myriad of different contributors. One example of something else that can play a big role? Product placement on shelves.

The Impact of Product Placement on Shelves

That means where the items are placed in store, how they are promoted, and more. This can have an impact not only on how that product sells, but even on how many other items in the same store sell! Read on to learn more about how this works.

Why Product Placement Matters

Firstly, product placement can have a big impact on the success of an item as it determines how easy that thing is to find and how much it stands out from the crowd. If a product is placed right at the back of the store, hidden behind myriad other boxes, then this can make it difficult to uncover and therefore mean that it sells far less than it otherwise would.

The prominence of a product on the shelf also interacts with the design of packaging. Very large and bold packaging can of course stand out more versus packaging that is more subtle. Moreover, the shape of the packaging and the way the item is presented inside it will also dictate the amount of space needed on the shelf. Is the packaging designed to be stored vertically or horizontally for example?

Keep in mind that store owners actually have no loyalty to any particular product, but are instead trying to shift as many units as possible. Packaging that takes up too much of a footprint can actually end up putting retailers off stocking it at all! Then there is the fact that a larger item will likely mean more units need to be kept out back.

What’s Next To Your Item?

Another consideration is what else is being stocked next to your item. This is the competition, and the point of comparison for shoppers.

Finally, where the item is in the store can also influence the state of mind of the people who might be purchasing it. Specifically, a product that is kept at the front of the store is likely to be seen by more people, where those kept at the checkout (Point Of Sale) can encourage impulse purchases.

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