The Use of Seaweed in Food Manufacturing

Seaweed has long been used as in the production of food in Asian countries – and for good reason; seaweed is dense in vital vitamins and nutrients. No wonder why it is a staple in many Asian dishes, such as sushi.

Many other countries are starting to take note of the benefits that seaweed provides and are now using it in food production in a multitude of ways!

Here’s a look at some of the ways that seaweed is used in food production (you might be surprised to learn that many of the products you are already using actually contain this humble plant.)

The Use of Seaweed in Food Manufacturing

Food Binding

Seaweed contains carrageenan, a compound that has powerful binding capabilities. It is extracted from red algae and is used in several different food products, including chocolate, baby food, and even toothpaste!

Thick and Creamy

Seaweed is also commonly used to add thickness and creaminess to foods. Brown algae contains alginate, a compound that has the ability to make food thicker and creamier. This compound is extracted from brown algae and is used in various food products, such as ice cream, salad dressings, and even over the counter medications for heartburn relief!

Gel it Up

If you have every had an encounter with seaweed while you swimming in a natural body of water, there’s no doubt that you noticed its gel-like texture.

This gel-like texture is due to the agar found in seaweed. It is extracted from the plant and used in food production to make foods thicker and give them a gel-like texture. Some of the foods that contain agar include gelatin (that comes as no surprise!) ice cream, and even pre-packaged baked goods like cheese Danishes!

Believe it or not, you are probably consuming seaweed on a regular basis and you never even knew it! Amazing!

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