There are countless industrial and commercial applications for labels created with thermal technology. We find them everywhere from packaging to pricing to clothing. This means that a lot of labels need to get printed, which is why it’s so important that we find ways to do that cheaply. Find out How Thermal Technology is Changing Label Making in 2020.

How Thermal Technology is Changing Label Making

Fortunately, new technologies such as Thermal Technology are changing the game and making this highly possible.

What Is Thermal Technology and What Does it Mean for Printing Labels?

Thermal printers are printers that work using heat. What’s amazing is that they are able to produce labels, packaging, and more, all without needing any ink or toner. As you might expect, this can significantly lower prices!

So how does that work? This is thanks to the use of thermal imaging technologies that work by heating a special substrate called thermochronic paper (thermal paper). When this substrate moves over the thermal print head, this coating turns black and thereby allows images and text to be conveyed onto the surface.

Thermal printing is also referred to as “zero ink printing” and of course this is a big benefit: there’s no need to use any form of ink or other consumable. This means that you are only paying for the cost of the substrate, which is essentially equivalent to paying for a label normally. It also means that you won’t need to worry about things getting smudged, or about running out of ink at a critical moment.

In short, you pay for the label itself but not the colors or imagery – which significantly reduces costs.

There are other benefits too. Because these printers don’t require ink or toner, they are able to be smaller. This means they can take up less office space, but also means they might be portable and brought to clients. And as a final added bonus: the ZINK paper that is used in this technology is also recyclable!


The downside of thermal printing is that it only allows for one or two colors. This limits the potential uses, meaning that you can’t print full-color posters for instance. This is why the thermal technology is primarily a tool for printing labels: here just one or two colors is more than enough to convey the necessary information.

Whether it’s a barcode, a use-by, or anything else, two-color thermal printers are enough in many cases. If this is something that could benefit your business, it’s certainly worth looking into!

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