Understanding Kosher Food Labels

In order for a food to be considered kosher, it must adhere to stringent Jewish dietary laws. These laws require the foods to be processed in a specific way. They also prohibit eating certain types of foods in conjunction with one another, as well as completely prohibit eating specific types of foods completely.

Understanding Kosher Food Labels

Foods that meet the stringent Kosher dietary laws are labeled as Kosher. These labels include Hebrew symbols. Whether you have recently converted to the Jewish faith or you are just starting to eat a Kosher diet, keep on reading to find out some valuable information that can help you understand kosher food labels.


If the word ‘dairy’ or a letter ‘D’ is printed near the Kosher symbol on a food label, it indicates that the food contains milk or some derivative of milk. If the label contains a ‘DE’, it means that the food was made using equipment that has come into contact with dairy.


If you see ‘pareve’ printed near a kosher symbol, this is an indication that the food product should be completely free of meat and dairy. If there isn’t any lettering places right behind the manufacturer’s certification logo, it is also implied that the food is parve (completely free of meat and dairy).


You will see a letter ‘F’ within close proximity to the kosher symbol on foods that contain any amount of fish ingredients.


Foods that contain meats or meat derivatives will contain either the word ‘meat’, ‘glatt’, or an ‘M’ near the kosher symbol on the label.


Foods that contain a letter ‘P’ near the kosher symbol on a label are kosher and can be used for Passover all year long. The letter ‘P’ does not mean that the food is pareve.

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