There is nothing quite like buying something new and getting it home so you can start using or wearing your great new item. However, when you order something online or buy it in the store there is one thing that you will likely have to deal with. That is the packaging that the product comes in. When you go to remove the packaging, there is a chance that you can quickly become frustrated and engage in wrap rage. You just want your product out of the package so that you can start using it.

What is Wrap Rage?

Wrap rage or packaging rage is a common term that is used to describe the elevated feelings of frustration and anger that result from not being able to easily open the packaging that your item comes in. There are reports that there are about 6000 injuries each year from attempts of opening packaging. These are injuries that require a trip to the doctor or emergency room. Most often the injuries are a result of being cut from the use of scissors, knives, or other sharp objects to open a package. Other injuries are wrist or hand injuries that result from using too much force to open up a package.

Wrap rage or packaging frustration from consumers may also come from under-packaging, over-packaging, and improper packaging.

How Wrap Rage Occurs

There are many videos out there with the title of “wrap rage.” These videos typically feature people who struggle to open the plastic clamshell packaging. This packaging is often used for electronics and other items. The videos also depict other forms of frustrating packaging trying to be opened as well. A person may also develop wrap rage when packaging is improper, such as the excessive use of styrofoam or packing peanuts. Usability issues such as a resealable package not resealing and misrepresentations of products can also cause consumer frustrations.

Are Your Customers Dealing with Frustration from your Packaging?

Keeping your consumers happy is one of the main goals of any business. It is important to know whether or not your products are causing your consumers to have wrap rage. Some of the things to watch for include, complaints from customers, and loss of potential customers. Other things to consider include high costs for packaging materials, high costs of returns for packages that cannot be repackaged correctly, an increase of waste materials, and high costs for shipping.

It can be difficult to know that there is a problem with your packaging unless customers complain. Another thing to watch for is damage rates. Ensure the products have adequate packaging to avoid customers returning products for damage. There is a fine line to finding packaging. Make sure that it will protect your product, but also provide your consumers with easy to open packaging.

Overpackaging and packaging that is difficult to open will reflect poorly on your brand. Optimizing your packaging design can elevate the perception of your company. Working with a packaging engineer can be extremely beneficial. They will be able to provide you with packaging that is safe, sustainable, and cost-effective. Most importantly, this can prevent your customers from experiencing wrap rage. Frustration-free packaging was introduced in 2008 by Amazon. Manufacturers were forced to look at package designs. This overhaul of packaging reduced complaints by 73 percent. The main thing to take from wrap rage is that it can be prevented by taking a few simple steps.

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