Probiotics is a term that you’ll hear often, especially from your doctor, nutrition specialist or diet planner. It might even be something you’ve spotted on the ingredients list of your favorite yogurt. But until you know about probiotics and their purpose, the term is just another word that you’re likely to ignore when you hear it in passing.

What You Need to Know About Probiotics

Here’s what you should know about probiotics.

Probiotics Are Essential

Probiotics are already part of your body. It’s just the level and the concentration of this very important type of bacteria in your gut that fluctuates. There’s bad gut bacteria and then there’s everything else. Probiotics are the good bacteria. They’re better known as the bacteria that helps ensure your digestive system works the way it’s supposed to.

If your probiotic balance isn’t optimal, you’re bound to get sick. You might develop a range of issues and symptoms related to unhappy gut bacteria.

Look for “Live Cultures”

Take some time to go over the list of ingredients for your favorite foods. Many of them contain probiotics. Although sometimes it might also appear listed as “live cultures” on the label instead. Both mean the same thing, and usually the type of probiotic culture included in the item is also mentioned right next door to it.

Probiotics in Different Types

Even though the term live culture or probiotics is used to refer to them, it’s a general term that refers to several different varieties of gut bacteria. Ideally, your best type of over-the-counter probiotic (and many times food types) will contain more than one type of probiotic. This doesn’t mean singular probiotic formulations are necessary lacking, but multi-probiotic formulas have a better overall benefit.

Probiotics Are in Many Fermented Foods

Most people think of yogurt as the first fermented type of food that springs to mind. There are also many others that are worth noting.  Things like kimchi – a traditional dish made from cabbage – and Sauerkraut (another type of traditional dish also made from cabbage) are both fermented foods that contain probiotics. That’s why they work, and that’s why they’re good for your gut health.

Probiotics Are Also Available As Medication

If you don’t have much of a taste for fermented foods, probiotics are also available in medication form. It can be taken as a powder or tablet for a lot of the same benefits.

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