Zero Waste Packaging

When you think about packaging and what it is for, the term zero waste may seem a bit counter-intuitive. As more consumers become focused on supporting eco-friendly initiatives, food industry leaders have an opportunity.

How can items be packaged without causing some type of waste?

It turns out that zero waste packaging is being discussed throughout the manufacturing space. Many companies are committing to help reduce or eliminate waste. In addition, many consumers are actively seeking these types of packaging options.

What is Zero Waste Packaging?

Simply put, zero waste packaging is a package design where the materials for the packaging are all reused, recycled, or utilized in a way that there is no waste product. While any kind of container is going to involve some type of leftover component, there are some very innovative ways to make the packaging process into an endeavor that can leave little to no waste.

Innovators are busy trying different ways to produce eco-friendly options for food products. This includes creating packaging that serves its own separate purpose. Examples include:

  • Plantable Cartons
  • Edible Containers
  • Nontoxic Films to protect the materials without using any excess materials

Creating these types of products is good for the planet, people, and can be beneficial to the company’s bottom line.

Why is Zero Waste Packaging on the Rise?

The global population is growing. As a result, waste is increasing. There is currently over 6.9 billion tons of plastic waste on earth. Environmentally conscious leaders, companies, and consumers are trying to prevent this number from growing. For this reason, there has been a lot of discussion about different options that can be used that are more sustainable.

What is the Environmental Impact?

Plastic is not the only issue. Landfills are growing in size with all types of materials including items that are biodegradable, but can take decades or even longer to fully break down. It is for these reasons that the production of zero waste packaging is so important. The more zero waste and sustainable options that are available in grocery stores, the better for the people who are all sharing this planet. Utilizing the most out of packaging of any type without creating more waste in the production process is very beneficial to the cause. More and more people are jumping on board to try to help save the planet and zero waste packaging is just one of the ways to help do this.

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